Compresses — the most ancient cosmetic procedure. It approaches any type of a skin. It is especially good to do compresses for eyes and a century. The skin round a century has no fatty basis and very much requires an additional moisture.
Compresses in this case will help.
The grandmother knew about it and did to itself compresses , and various.
As it to do. As much as possible to relax, it is recommended to do compresses lying. Occupy convenient position, under a head put the small flat platen.
If you have decided to impose a compress not only on area of eyes, you should use a fabric большего the size to close all person.
Thus do not forget to make a cut for nostrils and for a mouth. Wet a fabric in warm infusion of a camomile. The compress is held usually by 2—3 minutes.
The skin in this time will feel heat. Now put to a skin a fabric moistened in cold infusion. After a cold compress again make warm and so some times.
Besides, that such compress will humidify a skin, it still will give it sensation of freshness and ease.

Since ancient times with olive oil rubbed that part of a body which were going to mass is helped muscles and nervous terminations to relax. To eliminate muscular weariness of a back, a breast, feet, it is possible to rub a body with following structure: olive oil, the camomile flowers, two segments of garlic are drawn 9 days and stored in a bottle. Before each application the bottle is necessary for stirring up, and after ointment drawing at once to start massage.

The beauty of our hands in our hands. Nobody can argue with it. My grandmother always care for own hands and I follow her advices and habits in it. She work hard but she always had the hands in the good condition.
I want to share with you the recipe of hand cream that she use. You can easy do it yourself by own hands.

You need: 1 teaspoon of honey, 1 teaspoon of vodka, about 20 gram dry camomile's inflorescences, about 50 gram of butter, and 250 ml of water. Before all you have to make camomile tincture. For it fill in the camomile flowers with boiled water (water have to be over flowers a bit) and rest it about 8—9 hours insist under cover. After filters resulted tincture.
For a cream you need only one tablespoon of the tincture. Your bitter to pound with honey, add one tablespoon of camomile tincture, add vodka and carefully mix all it.
Grease hands few times in day, just as you need. This cream well make your hands soften, tender and gentle, and will really care about your hands.

The stomatitis may occur in childhood, and need to know how to treatment it. Here is easy way to get this illness out without any antibiotics etc. As you see, the nature already have many ways how to fight many sickness, and stomatitis too.
So just into the glass with camomile potion one teaspoon of honey and give to the child. Such rinsing have pleasant taste and smell, and even child swallow it it's okay. As you see, this is very effectively. By the way, I still remember this procedure from the childhood.

Children are often return home with some kind of wounds or scratches. This tincture help to heal all it, and although this tincture is very easy for preparing, it's very useful.
Here is our way to make it. Fill in camomile flowers with vodka in a proportion 1:5. Keep about 10-15 days in strong closed ware, and don't forget shake it up daily.
Another way for use this tincture is all one teaspoon of this tincture to the glass with warn water for for rinse a throat if cold.

Another good use of camomile oil is using at relaxing massages. My grandmother often did massage to the grandfather and to us, children, even when we strongly got tired. Also I know camimile oil is good for on feet if is varicosity.

Here is another recipe for hail care use camomile oil. You need to take about 100 gram of camomile flowers, about 75 gram of spirit or vodka, 100 gram olive oil, and 10 drops of camomile essence.

The flowers fill in with spirit, and rested couple of days. After add olive oil, all it warn use water bath until alcohol evaporate. Next, oil filtering, add essence, and put into some bottle (take a small beautiful one).

Use this oil before hair washing, like a mask. Put oil on hair for half hour before hair washing, wear a polyethylene hat, and wrap your head warm towel. After half hour just wash your hair. The effect is shocking. Your hair become shining and soft.

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